Trondheim and Norwegian architecture and construction - Fourth Door and other related pieces by Oliver Lowenstein

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Norwegian related Fourth Door Review and Unstructured pieces

Fourth Door Review 9 - Ground Up Architecture themed section includes interview features with TYIN Tegnestue and WRKSHP.

Includes features from TYIN Tegnestue’s Andreas Gjertsen, the Cassia Cinnamon Co-Op founder Patrick Barthelemy on why he approached TYIN and TYIN intern Rozita Rahman's big adventure on the Cassia Co-Op project.

TYIN’s Andreas GjertsenFrom Trondheim to the World.

The intern’s story - Rozita Rahman on working on the Cassia Co-op project.

WRKSHP – Two-thirds Trondheim one-third Islington networked humanitarian practice short essay profiling their work in India – by Clem Blakemore.

Fourth Door Review 8 – Peter Zumthorthe in-depth Zumthor interview includes a section on how Zumthor’s collaboration with Louise Bourgeois on the National Tourist Route’s Vardo Witches Memorial project came about.

Fourth Door Review 6A Timberbuild Renaissance for Europe – in-depth exploration of the return of the Nordic timber building culture.

Fourth Door Review 5Another Side of North looks at the Artscape Nordland sculpture exhibition, spanning the Northern Norway’s Nordland county.

The Earth Movies issue also featured a special New Nordic music focus with an in-depth piece on the Tromso electronic musician Biosphere.

Unstructured 1 – Buildings in Motion:  Arne Henrikson brings timber and sustainability to Oslo's rail station network.

Other Norwegian related pieces and articles, etc – In order of most recent

Built by the coast: Villa’s and Small Houses by LundHagem book review in Arkitektur N no 5 2016
English language version (word doc).

Travelling the National Tourist Routes - feature piece in The Guardian - Driven to Distraction

Rock City - Overview of the Trondheim architecture scene - Blueprint  May/June 2016.

Behind the Lines - TYIN Tegnestue book review – Arkitektur N - 08 2015
English language version (word doc) and Norwegian pdf

Ebbs and Flow – Nordic architecture overview  – Arkitektur N 03 2014
English language version (word doc).

Rake’s Constant.Decay event talk - Talk October 2013 - Drawing a line in the road: Entropy and the future-fabric of the E6 interstateEssay version of the talk

Stavanger's timber expressionists - Helen & Hard Blueprint Feb 2013

Living Architecture’s Dune House by JarmundVigsnaes Arkitekter on the Suffolk coast Arkitektur N - 04 2011

1:1Architects build small spaces - review of the V&A, London exhibition, featuring Helen and Hard and Rintala-Eggertsson - Arkitekter N - 05 2010

Fourth Door Projects and Exhibitions

Roots Architecture@WOMAD - Over three years, the Fourth Door conceived and co-catalysed a Design & Make workshop programme presented at the WOMAD world music, featured Norwegian guests TYIN Tegnestue (2010 and 2011) and WRKSHP (2012) to help run the workshops.

Building Biographies, the Fourth Door curated exhibition at the Glasgow Lighthouse in 2008 featured a themed section on Norwegian, and specifically Trondelag architecture, alongside Voralberg, Austria and Swiss Graubunden and comparable moves in Highlands and Islands Scotland.