Plym Valley Cycle Station

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The cycle station project, and its related outrider projects, has been underway for two years. In that time various architects have developed plans for working Cycle Stations in a variety of contexts.

With the inclusion of the project as case study material on a number of architecture, multimedia, and design courses, Fourth Door Research is looking to ways of promoting the work being carried out as part of the project. To this in end it is exploring the options for a touring exhibition during the second half of next year around a string of major national (and possibly international) towns and cities.

Initial contacts have already been made, with positive responses. The next steps are to refine the prospective contents and to explore funding options, and forms of financial support to bring the exhibition into reality.


For further information please contact

Oliver Lowenstein, Fourth Door Research 01273 473501

or Fourth Door Research, PO Box 2632. Lewes, Sussex, BN7 2UZ