The Cycle-Station Project

1.0 Continued


low energy options: To provide and integrate low energy use and sustainably designed buildings into this system (energy which could also be utilised by the local community.)

ecological literacy: to relate these buildings and centres to environmental learning and other related subjects, including community links.

to provide specialised, relevant facilities, making advantage of the ongoing new media revolution, in relation to the specific siting of the prospective Cycle-Station

riding on the dynamic of connectivy: to show how these different segments are related and can be viewed as constituting an example of connectivity and integration


To achieve this, the key features of the core segment of a Cycle-Station Building(s)would


Overnight sleeping and washing facilities (from ten to forty beds, including family, disabled, etc, facilities)

self-catering and clothes washing facilities

restaurant and shop facilities

bicycle facilities, lock-up and repair, including hire and sales

informal social areas, quiet rooms, for winding down, health facilities

information-centre, including map and route information, eco-literacy and environmntal information and course centres for local schools and other interested parties

specialised facilities enabling disabled members of the community to participate in cycling and the enjoyment and experience of local environments


This would compose the basic constituents of the Cycle-Stations. However additional segments or variants could of course be developed. Various possibilities include:

Siting the Cycle-Station adjacent to an outdoor atrium small-scale performance theatre in the round

Integrating elements of the working communities within the building, ie Sustainable Architects Baker-Brown McKay's Sustainable Workstations crossed with aspects of Tele-Working

Internet connections, e-mail as 'poste restante' for wayfarers

Environmental information for the region quite possibly using new technology, and weather forecast information services, etc