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Rethinking Housing by Frances Hollis

IBOIS's Vidy Theatre by Christopher Robeller, Julien Gamerro, Pierre-Olivier Coanon and Yves Weinand

Insights from NTNU Live Studio – by Steffen Wellinger, Elenar Archipovaite and Hans Skotte

Design for Climate Change
Bill Gething

An Adaptable Future with Industrial Democratic Design by Søren Nielsen of Vand Kunsten
Fourth Door Research projects weave together the cultural and creative with the ecological and sustainable. 

Fourth Door Research is underpinned by an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. Our research and consultancy reach is broad and cross-disciplinary, highlighting novel environmental synergies.

Research fields include: contemporary sustainable architecture and design, ecological and environmental art, new media and new music, craft and tacit knowledge and transport and infrastructure.

Research is self-generated, developed on behalf of others, and conducted in collaborative projects.

We work with leading cultural organisations in Britain and internationally.
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