Issue No. 1

Publiished 1996

Fourth Door Review cover

The Elk Beach Spores Issue

Bound by the void: Holger Czukay
Talitha Mackenzie, Mouth Music and the Scotland/Africa connection
Clay and Computers - Marion Brandis
Dreaming the 20th century art sphere - Michael Tucker
Paul Ryan's 'Video Mind'
Fourth Door Review's inaugural Elk Beach Spores edition features music interviews with Scottish Highlands and Islands singer Talitha MacKenzie and band Mouth Music on ancient Gallic singing with twentieth century music tech and Holger Czukay's living studio musics and privat philharmonium

We also introduce Paul Ryan's Video-Mind for sensitising communities to ecosystems, ceramicist Marion Brandis on applying Quark Xpress to her claywork, and an in-depth review of Shaman-Theoretician Michel Tucker's Dreaming with Open Eyes exploration on the connections between Shamanism and twentieth century art practice.
Full Contents

Margins of Music
Talitha Mackenzie original Mouth Musician turned solo singer   
Mouth Music Highland Scotland's techno-Gael dance masters
Holger Czukay Can's studio wizard in-depth on music, machines, technology and the natural universe
The Weald & Downland's vernacular data base Singleton Open Air Museum
Marion Brandis Clay and Ceramics
Lovely recipe's Mushroom and nut roast
Wordwatch – Book Reviews
20th century Art as a Shaman's story - Dreaming With Open Eyes by Michael Tucker