Double Issue No. 2/3

Publiished July 1998

Fourth Door Review cover

The Floating World Issue

Woodweaver: Chris Drury's vessels of the wildwood
Form and Mutability: William Latham as algorithm
Steve Johnson's tree dreamhouse
Soundscaping and moonwavings: Kaffe Matthews, Laika and Pram on women and electronic musics
Richard Lannoy on fifty years of India, and a quarter of a century of The Speaking Tree
Michael Zimmerman's Postmodern Ecologies
Infinity Foods and an anthropology of time
The Moon and the Melodies wax and wane through Fourth Door Review 2/3 with the Women and Electronic Music special section, featuring Midi-Violinist Kaffe Matthews, and avant indie bands Pram and Laika.

There's Generative artist William Latham, and land artist Chris Drury, along with tree architect, Steve Johnson on his Forest House. And Michael Zimmermann on Post Modern Ecologies and Richard Lannoy revisiting his seminal The Speaking Tree after a quarter of a century.
Full Contents

Margins of Music – – Women and Electronic Music Special feature
Kaffe Matthews - Kaffetronics
Pram – music for nightlights
Laika's Margaret Fiedler writing about women in electronic pop

Complete article available
Salome Vogelin reviews CRI's Women and Electronic Music cd release
Digitalis – New Media
From Silver to Silicon Declan Sheehan on a CD Rom on the transition to digital photography
William Latham Generative Art, form & mutability Latham's algorithmic worlds
Green on the Screen Recycled Places CD Rom for green learning
Growing Need wild vegetables Patrick Whitefield
Marimba Making by Knock On Wood's Andy Wilson
Art Kites  Pictures for the Sky

Complete article available
Leaving the 20th century health food store Infinity Foods
Chris Drury's empty vessels - Land art on the Sussex downs

Complete article available

A Fourth Door land art feature
Ecological-music studios - A young person's guide
Article also available in Unstructured 1
Forest House - Steve Johnson's organised tree house dream
Sound Gallery – the Copenhagen Square wired for sound-sculpting
Essays reconciling ecology and post modernism - Reinventing Nature Edited by Michael Soules - reviewed by Michael Zimmerman
On the anthropology of time - Carol J Greenhouse's A Moments Notice: On the Anthropology of Time
Reread - In the Shade of the Speaking Tree the leading Indianologist Richard Lannoy, reassesses his 1973 The Speaking Tree.
Ethnic and world clothing - World Dress by Frances Kennett.