Issue No. 6

Publiished 2003

Fourth Door Review cover

The Lanternsure Issue

Andy Goldsworthy: Multimedia, chalk boulders and paths by moonlight
A timberbuild future for Europe
A bluer kind of brown: Jon Hassell, Sheila Shandra and digitally enhanced gamelan
Artstation's paperweight delight
Living the artificial: George Dyson on electronic evolution
Part one of Fourth Door Review 6’s in-depth look at artist Andy Goldsworthy, is one of this edition’s many delicious highlights along with Godfather of ambient music, Jon Hassell, drone maven Sheila Chandra and ambient illustrator, Russell Mills.

George Dyson contributes a the prehistory of electronic evolution, and we look at the prospects for a pan-European Timberbuild Renaissance, plus Thai elephant musicians and John Hull’s moving meditation on blindness and insight.
Full Contents

George Dyson writing on electronic evolution
Radiobiology, the evolution of radio by Duncan Marshall
Art Station
Paperweight Lighthouses: Craft, computers and cybernetic systems art
Timber Space Frame – FCB's Earth Centre's canopy
A European Timberbuild Renaissance – the Nordic world as exemplar for a future timber architecture
African beehive architecture – Swaziland's traditional beehive structures
I-tectureChris Speed on Plymouth University's Cybrid
Ritoque – A South American experimental architecture school
Margins of Music
Sheila Chandra – Song of a Million years
Jon Hassell's Fourth World Raga
Orange Cake Bake recipe from Heidi Watts
Sense of Scale - Adam Niemann's Scale Explorer
Hybrid Haystack MIT Media Lab and Haystack Centre for craft crossover symposium conversation by Chris Rose
Love Tokens Harold Lowenstein on an almost lost crafts-skill
Sonic Furniture of Kaffe Matthews
Framework – Art
Andy Goldsworthy  Part 1 - Downloading a path by the light of a silver moon: Goldsworthy's new and multimedia experiments

A Fourth Door land art feature
Russell Mills Layers of Texture, layers of space
Dreams Of Consciousness (DOC)
Langdon Winner interview - On autonomous technology, old and new
Reread – On blindness and whole body seeing - Touching the Rock, by John Hull
A Wordwatch article
Wordwatch (book reviews)
The architecture's of ecological emergence - Taking Shape by Susannah Hagan