Issue No. 9

Publiished 2015

Fourth Door Review cover

The Sūnyata Seeds Issue

Sans Frontieres: Architecture and the dispossessed – Anna Heringer in Bangladesh, Francis Kere in Burkina Faso and Peter Clegg on the Richard Feilden Foundation in Africa
Shigeru Ban – Architecture and the Planet of Waste
Our Kind of creatureliness: the animal voice of David Abrams
David Nash – On speaking the language of the trees
Five Leaves Weft: Witchseason Rides again - Richard Thompson: Troubadour of the old weird Albion, Uncle Joe Boyd and Vashti Bunyon. Liege & Lief and West of Electric Eden
Foam's new media Gro-World
Living Cambodia's ancient modern musical tapestries
Fourth Door Review 9’s centre-piece and book within a book is an 80 plus page Document Two overview of the emerging planetwide humanitarian architecture and post disaster netowork. Francis Kere, Architecture for Humanity, Anna Heringer, TYIN, Peter Clegg and the Richard Feilden Foundation, Auroville's new schools, Shelter after Disaster, the Aga Khan Foundation, CENDEP are all featured and much else as well.

The reset Outscapes art section features David Nash, while a special Margins of Music focuses on , Joe Boyd’s Witchseason electric folk heyday featuring a Richard Thompson interview on song by Julian Bell, Vashti Bunyon and Fairport Convention's Liege & Lief.

There’s also a new themed section, East/West kicking off with Shigeru Ban, the Phnom Penh's electronic music scene, Nepali nettle clothing and culture and the silk trail roots of the Jacquard loom
Full Contents

Margins of Music – New Folk for old: A special themed section
Richard Thompson Folks rock's old master returns - by Julian Bell
Vashti Bunyon's Season's of change by Jeanette Leach
The Book of Joe Boyd - making music in the sixties to the present day
East/West I - Japanese architecture, craft & design – A mini-themed section
Making buildings making books Takero Shimazaki on his Craft in Context summer schools

An East West feature
The Fine art of Japanese Fibre Art by Tochimichi Kuwayama

An East West feature
Ruthin Craft Centre
Japan-ness in Wales - Ruthin Craft Centre's Sustaining Design exhibition by Michael Nixon
An East West feature
Shigeru Ban
Shigeru Ban - Renegade Starchitect
East/West II/Makeshift
Electronic and ancient living Cambodian mixed-media musics- by David Gunn
Ross Lovegrove's Solar Trees
Another Kate Dodd
Lovely recipe
Outscapes - Art
David NashAlchemist of the woods

A Fourth Door land art feature
Sandra Kantanen - Finnish photographer, Chinese landscapes, and the blur tendency
Murmur - Complexity  the art of flocking: Eberhard Ross, Lukas Felzmann, Fiona McDonald
Tremenheere: Cornwall's Atlantic Edge Garden – by Neil Armstrong
Ground Up Architecture - Document Two: A book within a book on humanitarian and post disaster architectural culture.
Ground Up Need -  Introduction - Architecture through the wall

Francis Kéré - Burden of Dreams
Aga Khan Foundation - the Foundation supporting humanitarian architecture
Walls and bridges -  Architecture's new wave from the ground up

Shelter After Disaster - What is needed, what isn't by Bill Flinn and Charles Parrack
CENDEP - Post grad studies emergency studies by David Sanderson
Swahili women's centre
Birth of a Swahili women's centre -  Jenni Reuter on HollmenReuter-Sandmann's long gestated project

Auroville's post-tsunami health centres by Suhasini Ayers
FCB's humanitarian work
Environmental Exchanges - Peter Clegg on Richard Feilden and FCB's humanitarian work
Sustaining Beauty by Anna Heringer

Anna Heringer's Journey to the East
Handmade school
Handmade school 2.0 - ZWS Berlin in Bangladesh
Architecture for Humanity -  Optimists of the Heart

Design Like You Give a Damn 2 - AfH's second volume reviewed
TYIN Tegnestue
TYIN Tegnestue -  by Andreas Gjertsen

Cassia Co-Op project
Cinnamon Girl - Rozita Rahman's intern adventure on TYIN Cassia Co-Op project
WRKSHP in Northern India – Clem Blakemore
Dream Of Consciousness (DOC) - Radical Nature Mind
Liege & LIef - Fairport Convention's folk rock classic revisited
Wordwatch – Book Reviews
Folk Chronicles - Brian Hinton reviews Rob Young's Electric Eden and Jeanette Leach's Season's they Change
The fibre, felt and other weak materials Art revolution - String, Felt, Thread by Eliza Auther – reviewed by Lesley Millar
Cultures of the Copy- In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon