Belatedly, this new Unstructured is going up some months after the recent Fourth Door Review (no 8) and features pieces which are either to be found, or complement features, in the new edition.

Both Gramazio & Kohler's digital materiality and
theirwork's guerilla new media mapmaking pieces are from the new edition, while What Vorarlberg did next, the profile of Architype, (one of the original UK sustainable practices) and the Unstructured Art pieces, are newly published.

21st century Land Art expands on the new edition's Chris Drury feature; a complementary overview piece on the eco-art tendency extending the land art path, and other ways of working on and in the land, that is part of, rather than apart from, the natural world. This is the case with Brighton's Red Earth, one of this minority eco-grouping, who have been merging land art influenced practice with performance and installation informed pieces. The report focuses on Geograph and Trace, performed and sited on or below the Sussex seven sisters cliffs.