Fossils fuel a cinematic comeback for flint at the Lewes Depot
South East England remakes with BurrellFoleyFischer
and dRMM

Here’s the latest Unstructured 8, this time with something of a South East England emphasis. We go to the movies at Lewes Depot’s new Cinema, head to Hastings and its pier in its Stirling Award aftermath, and walk the town’s seafront promenade for the edition’s photo-essay.

These in-depth features highlight BurrellFoleyFischer’s latest cinema, and the wider cultural and social context of dRMM’s Hasting Pier. Plus, a review of Mario Carpo’s Second Digital Turn, and, in our research section, Frances Hollis provides an updated overview of her two year Work-Home research project

Ian McKay on Lewes's Cinema in a Park
Diving for Pearls – Hastings and the People's Pier
Mario Carpo's Second Digital Turn book reviewed
Frances Hollis on her Work-Home futures research
Photo-Essay George Sinclair walks the Hastings seafront