Buildings in Motion:
Arne Henrikson brings timber and sustainability
to Oslo's rail station network
Fourth Door's first Unstructured web-magazine highlights a series of built environment synergies, complementing the concurrent Fourth Door Review 5, it was originally published alongside

Sustainable architecture meets the recording studio - How Real World Studios, Greenpeace and others are opening doors to green recording studios and gigs

Rail Stations meets sustainable design - Cool green stations on the line into Oslo

Sound Design meets transportation furniture  - Ann Karin Rynander's funky Sound Showers revive travellers while they wait at Oslo's Gardermoen Airport.

And Lightness and Industry - Interview with Adriaan Beukers, the Dutch engineer overseeing a revolution in new eco-composite materials

A young person's guide to greening the recording studio
Buildings in motion – Rail station architecture meets sustainable design
Sound for airports: Washdown time again

A Sound Design piece
Lightness and Industry Eco-composite engineer Adriaan Beukers interview