Building with Water
Diller & Scofidio's thin mist Nuage blows in over
the Swiss Expo's lake landscape
Published with Fourth Door Review no 6

Unstructured 2 travels to Switzerland for Diller & Scofidio's 'Nuage' sculptural lake structure, to North Sweden’s for the all-ice, all winter Ice Hotel, and across Sussex for the arrival of two groundbreaking timber gridshells.

Building with Water - Diller & Scofodio's Swiss Expo sculptural water-work and Sweden's Ice Hotel underscore new ways of designing with water.

Gridshelter Futures - During the new century's beginnings, Britain's first two timber gridshells emerged in parallel, if separately; one in West Sussex and the other in the East of the County. Here the stories of those two Sussex gridshells are told, along with the shell structure's unusual prehistory.

Plus Kaffe Matthews writes about her sound enhanced chair for a Reading station waiting room.

And Jony Easterby on his sound installation in Ashbourne cycle path tunnel, Derbyshire. 
Water and structures. Diller & Scofidio's Swiss Expo Nuage and Sweden's Ice Hotel
'drop time' Kaffe Matthews on her sonic furniture experiments

A Sound Design piece
Soundtrack Jony Easterby on his Derbyshire tunnel sound installation

A Sound Design piece

Gridshelter Futures - Sussex's Weald and Downland gridshells
A prehistory to Sussex Gridshells: Frei Otto, Mannheim, Hooke Park and Florian Beigel's shell structure experiments
Oak – The Downland gridshell: Edward Cullinan Architects hand's on, hi tech timberbuild
Chestnut - Growing Flimwell's gridshell: First phase for the Woodland Enterprise Centre