Return of the Cruck Frame
Alec French Architects and Mark Lovell Design Engineers re-invent the ancient timber frame
Published alongside Fourth Door Review 7

Unstructured 3 features Andy Goldsworthy as part of Fourth Door Review 6 and 7's double issue Goldsworthy focus, alongside features on textile design artist Anniken Amundsen, the renewed absorption in cruck-frame building, and Finland's new eco-district initiatives.

Andy Goldsworthy's challenge to radical relativism explored in Beauty and the Brand

Anniken Amundsen talking about how her otherworldly biomorphic textural forms emerged out of harrowing personal experience.

Plus Cruck Frame revival - Over 800 years old, cruck-frame building is enjoying unprecedented and renewed popularity illustrated by the Sheepdrove Biodiversity Centre's contemporary timber engineered cruck-frame at one end of the spectrum and pre-modern permaculturalist Ben Law's Prickly Nut Wood home at the other.

And Eko-Viikki and Wood Town - Rethinking urban domestic districts in Finland. Two contrasting examples, a contemporary large scale, suburban eco-suburb and the cross country Wood Town movement outline the new thinking.
Beauty and the Brand Andy Goldsworthy's land art as challenge to radical relativism.
In Finland Eco-Villages grow up and the Wood Town movement takes off
Return of the Cruck Frame Homegrown and Re-invented at Sheepdrove and Prickly Nut Wood

Anniken Amundsen textiles designer maker uncovers biomorphic form