PH Values
Passivhaus comes to Britain -
A special report
Beginning with this Unstructured 5, we introduce a new expanded agenda featuring research, photo-essays, book reviews, and accompanying themed Unstructured Extra editions.

Along with an in-depth profile of Peter Zumthor's first UK project at the London Serpentine, Kay Syrad on the remarkable Art In Touch exhibition, and the latest Toh-Shimazaki health building, Unstructured 5 publishes Danish Vand Kunsten's research on Adaptable Futures, reviews Michael Pawlyn's Biomimicry book and highlight's photographer Ioana Marinescu's vivid visual essay on the recent Studio in the Woods design and make workshop.

Unstructured Extra focuses on the tenth anniversary of the Weald & Downland and Flimwell gridshells, makes connections with the natural structures of Sussex artists, Chris Drury, Walter Bailey and Red Earth and the related woven sculpture of basket maker Anne Marie O Sullivan's in her Cluster exhibition

And not forgetting our special report on Passivhaus' UK take-off, with Architype, Bere Architects and the AECB's role in this continental building tech take-over.

Art in Touch Kay Syrad on the groups fully-bodied Just under the Surface exhibition
Time of the Anti-Iconic - Peter Zumthor at the Serpentine
Stuttgart 21's Tunnel Vision - Stuttgart's controversial underground station divides the city
Toh Shimazaki, Centre for Sight. A new private health centre highlights vernacular and place

PH Values - Passivhaus comes to Britain - A special report. Featuring Architype, Bere Architects, the AECB and others 

Adaptable Futures - Research feature. Vandkunsten's Søren Nielsen on the Adaptable Futures research programme. 

Biomimicry in Architecture - Book review. An accessible introduction by Michael Pawlyn considered 

Studio in the Woods - Photo-Essay. Ioana Marinescu atmospherically documents the SITW's fifth workshop.