Norwegian Atlantic Coast special edition


8A Ardent Spirits - Trondheim and its architectural scene

8A.1 World Architecture and Trondheim architecture, TYIN, Hans Skotte, Wkshp and the world - by Hans Skotte

8A.2 The story of Brendeland & Kristofferson’s game changing involvement in Svartlomoen, plus subsequent projects - by Oliver Lowenstein

8A.3 Rallar Arkitekter – From Boathouse to Gridshell via the Philippines – by Jon Mork Haddal and Rallar Architektur

8A.4 Noysom – New Gen Community Building and Re-Use innovation on Svartlamoen - by Frederik Haakon

8A.5 NTNU's Architecture Department and the growth of the Live Projects Agenda, TransARK and the future of LiveProjects – by Steffen Wellinger insights_from_the_ntnu_live_studio.php

(8A.6 Rake – possible extra article – uncertain at present)

8F.1 Further

8B Trondheim - Main Street, Research and NTNU's wider reach

8B.1 PIR II – By Alice Lødemel Sandberg

8B. 2 Trondheim Architects dwellings I – by August Schmidt on his Shingles House

8B.3 Trondheim Architects dwellings II - Nina Haarsaker on her Arstidshus

8C - Materials, Innovation – Research

8C.1 Re-Use across the Trondheim architectural scene - Staveneblokk recycled material innovation - by Anne-Sigrid Norby

8C.2 NTNU and Atlantic West coast environs building research culture, from Zero Energy Buildings to Massive Wood (CLT) to Norsk Spon - by Oliver Lowenstein

8C.3 The Roros Seminar – the first 20 years – by Hans Skotte

8F.2 Fourth Door Further

8D Atlantic West Coast

8D.1 Sami Rintala – by Oliver Lowenstein

8D.2 Rever og Drega - Evening redness in More and Rom's coastline – by - Martin Beverfjord

8D.3 Atlantic Coast Vernacular - Facing the Ocean: the influence of the Atlantic on building culture - by Andrew Devine

8E Atlantic Vernacular - Boat and vernacular building ways of Norwegian Atlantic Coast

8E.1 Jan Godal – Super-Traditional – Interview with Jan Godal - by Martin Beverfjord

8E.2 Trondheim's waterside warehouses – a vernacular tradition - by Eileen Garmen Johnsen

8E.3i Geography is Destiny: Travel in Norway and the National Tourist Routes Programme, (including Peter Zumthor) – by Oliver Lowenstein

8E.3ii Knut Wold – Sculptor of the National Tourist Routes – by Oliver Lowenstein