Way out West – Norway's wild North West Atlantic coast architectural and building scene

Trondheim, mid-way up Norway’s North West coast, is home to a dynamic self-starting architectural and building scene. Less well known than capital Oslo, Trondheim has seen a wave of young practices up for adventure and experiment. Here we profile many of these; TYIN Tegnestue, Rever og Drage, Rallar and Nøysom arkitektur, all ardent spirits of Trondheim’s new generational wave.

Trondheim is also the first focus in our Unstructured Cities series. We look and explore the source of this adventure, NTNU’s Live Projects agenda and the alt.culture experimental eco-district – Svartlamon. Plus the city’s best known studio Pir II, low tech house and home experiments, other ongoing research and Hans Skotte on the biannual Røros Seminar.

Way out West also heads north and south, tracking down transplanted Finn, Sami Rintala to his high Norwegian Bodø hideout, and the astonishing Fleinvaer island music retreat at the edge of the Arctic. And much further south, interviewing the country’s pre-eminent traditional boat builder Jan Godal, Rever og Drage’s Martin Beverfjord chewing over the connection with his home county, More og Romsdal. Plus the roads that connect; the National Tourist Routes including Jensen & Skodvin, Knut Wold and Peter Zumthor.

Unstructured Cities - Trondheim
Ardent Spirits – Trondheim's youthful new wave
After Asia – TYIN come home - by Hans Skott
Time for Place and People – Rallar Arkitekter's Elliv Andreas Myren Ribe on their journey so far
Insights from NTNU Live Studio – guest research from Steffen Wellinger, Elenar Archipovaite and Hans Skotte
Svartlamon - Alt. culture meets experimental timber architecture - Oliver Lowenstein
Self build Svartlamon style - Nøysom arkitekter
Further -
Main street, off main street and Trondheim's wider reach
Midsize – PIR II: Trondheim's best-known studio – By Alice Lødemel Sandberg
Behind the white wall - August Schmidt's Shingle House
Nordic Rhythms: Nina Haarsaker on her Årtidshus
Staveneblokka – a timber brick for the Future - by Anne-Sigrid Norby

Trondheim’s NTNU and the regions building research culture - by Oliver Lowenstein

The Røros Seminar: a brief history – by Hans Skotte
Fourth Door Further – Related Fourth Door and other article features
North by North West: Wild Atlantic Building Ways
Sami Rintala - our man in Bodø– by Oliver Lowenstein
An evening redness – Rever og Drage by - Martin Beverfjord
Supertraditional – Jan Godal, Norway’s pre-eminent timber and boat builder talks to Martin Beverfjord
Trondheim’s vernacular waterfront warehouse tradition - by Eileen Garmen
Wild Atlantic Ways, traveling the Norwegian North West– by Oliver Lowenstein
Knut Wold – Sculptor of the National Tourist Routes – by Oliver Lowenstein