Fourth Door Further

Fourth Door and other related pieces by Oliver Lowenstein on Swiss timber and other related features

For other architectural Fourth Door related material see FD's Architecture page

Swiss timber related features in Fourth Door Review and Unstructured

Theatre of Folded Dreams

Research feature on EPFL Lausanne I-bois's folded plate geometry Vidy theatre building
In Unstructured extra 9 CLT futures themed edition – 2018

Jurg Conzett - Bridges of Thin Air

The leading Swiss and Graubünden engineer on his ViaMala and other timber bridges
In Fourth Door Review 8 – 2009 – part of the themed Graubünden/Vorarlberg tale of two regions edition

Timber Engines for Growth

Julius Natterer, head of Lausanne's I-Bois, on his Brettstapel experiments and the Hannover Expo-Deck

Other timber features

The Rise of the Robots

ETH Zurich's Gramazio/Kohler
In Blueprint 347 – July/August 2016 – PDF


Fourth Door Review 8 features in themed Graubünden/Vorarlberg tale of two regions edition (2009)

An in-depth interview with Peter Zumthor: The Enigma of Peter Zumthor

Graubünden's New Generation – Generation Grey Zone

Jurg Conzett - Bridges of Thin Air

Valerio Olgiati - In the Presence of Craft, Colour and Concrete

Other Graubünden features

Graubünden's new generation of Alpine architects come of age, Blueprint (2014) (pdf - 7MB)

Two pieces on Graubünden's Alpine Water Way path, which includes a series of Jurg Conzett bridges

Graubünden's walking trail of epic scenery and enduring art - The Guardian (2013)

Seven Bridges by Jurg Conzett – Architecture Today (2013) (pdf - 14MB)

Fourth Door Review 8 – other features

Robots in the Wineyard - Gramzio and Kohler's digital materiality finds a home in the Gantenbein winery

Swiss rammed earth projects (from the Martin Rauch Unstructured extra 7 feature)

Heavy Weight -  Herzog de Meuron’s Ricola Herb Centre
Bilingual Bienne's young ;mlzd studio's Swiss Ornithological Visitor Centre

Firsts – Ilanz's Sil Plaz rammed earth cinema, by Graubünden's Capaul & Blumenthall

Roger Boltshauser – Martin Rauch's Swiss earthworks partner

Rauch's loam cupola ETH Zurich student research project by Salis Gion