Harbouring History
and Nurturing Nature:

Simpson & Brown's Rye Harbour Discovery Centre

Unstructured 10 arrives after another break with a basketful of wide ranging and thought-provoking features, and a whole new element in the ecology of Fourth Door’s web presence.

This new edition accompanies the relaunch of Annular, Fourth Door’s wood culture and timber web-portal, including Annular Unstructured, the portal’s timber magazine section. This first edition is focused on Switzerland’s dynamic timber engineering, architecture, and materials scene.

Alongside Annular, Unstructured 10 features several wood hued pieces including Simpson & Brown’s new Rye Harbour Discovery Centre, the return of Iceland’s forests, and four wood-world reviews of Richard Power’s Pulitzer Prize winning testament to the wild trees, The Overstory. Further features include New York’s experimental digital mycology studio The Living and Heilbronn’s BUGA project, Germany’s first eco-district in decades, a review of Indian architect Anupama Kundoo’s recent Taking Time exhibition. Plus, in the research section, Jürg Conzett on the Grubenmann Brothers.



New nature the Rye Habour Discovery Centre by Simpson & Brown
Digital mycology from New York's The Living
Reinventing the eco-district – the Heilbronn Garden Festival Eco-District
Building with Fire by Ray Meeker – review using a stamp size image of the cover
The Overstory - reviews from architects, makers, wood consultants and forest activists on the forest book to end forest books

Annular Unstructured

Free Form follows Function

Unstructured Annular – in this first edition of Annular’s web-magazine explores the dynamic Swiss timber engineering, research, and materials scene.

Featuring Hermann Blumer, Shigeru Ban, Biel Wood School, Blumer Lehmann, Lukas Imhof and TimberTec, and more.

Check back for ongoing articles from Fourth Door Unstructured, appearing here...