Fourth Door Research offers a cutting edge forum for discussion, debate and dialogue, across a range of environmental synergies.The forum's perspective is multi-faceted and multiperspectival reflecting the interdisciplianry approach found in its sister project, Fourth Door Review.

The first tranche of research are the following projects.

'the Cycle-Station Project' This is the core research project and is integrated into other segments of the overall research programme.

The other two strands of research are in their early stages and will develop as work-in-progress research fields.Two of these four comprise 'Unstructured' the ecodesign, built environment, new media part of the web site,

Research will be fully monitored, with outcomes and research results available on the website at the conclusion of each research project. Fourth Door Research is already working alongside respected academic departments. It does want to develop links with other groups. If you are interested get in contact.