'The Cascade Project'

'Cascade' - the development of lo-tech remote performance net transmissions between two or more physical 'places', and their relation to spatiality.

Picture this: ISDN and web communication needn't be large scale hi-tech affairs. The know-how, relevant technology, and vision is there for whole new kinds of performances to happen between two or more geographically separate though remotely linked communities. This is happening large scale, how about small scale and lo-tech? Think of the advantages. Communities could transmit multimedia performances emphasising elements of the feel and culture of their regions, enriching rather than diminishing sense of place. Imagine lo-tech and lo-energy future designs as net communication structures. Such wooden or fibre structures could be lightweight, easily dismantled and reconstructed, able to be carried to out-of-the-way locations, maybe through cycling, so that performances could happen, for example, from clearings in a forest. Such structures could integrate screen, amplification, power source and possible satellite communication. They could empathetically and sensually convey the individual 'feel' of environment and ecosystem, rather than the usual web-cast sensibility appearing out of one anyplace, and being sent to another anyplace. This is in stark contrast to the built environment variety. It's all within reach, Fourth Door Research is working on this as an up-and-running project; it's called 'Cascade'. We'd like to hear from people interested in developing this further.


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