Cruck Frame: - Architects of the Sheepdrove Biodiversity Centre - Design Engineers for Biodiversity Centre - main Permaculture website with links to Ben Law’s Prickly Nutwood project - carpenters guild group, including information on the annual Frame conference


Northern Biomorphic: – website of wood in construction from the Finnish Federation of Forest Industry – wood architecture course at Helsinki University of Technology - for information on the METLA Forest Research Institute building - The Sibelius Hall website


Wood Town: - for information on the Wood Town Project – for information on Wood Town projects across Finland GEN is the Global Ecovillages Network


Anniken Amundsen: Amundsen’s work can be seen here

www.throughthesurface, further information and details about all Through the Surface artists Amundsen is exhibiting solo in the Tromso Kunstforening, Norway Oct and Nov 2004.


Andy Goldsworthy: Resurgence magazine (issue 207, july/aug 2001) Sculpture magazine vol 22, no 5, june 2003



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