Issue No. 4

Publiished 2000

Fourth Door Review cover

The The Time Wells issue

Beyond Ecotopia: a conversation with Fritjof Capra
Music and palce and cyberspace: the Future Sound of London, Tuvan river punk and ECM earthjazz
Helena Hietanen's technolace: Angel hairs in the architecture
Susan Derges: the dream life of water
The lost world of Eno's ambient light works
Fourth Door Review 4 kicks off with the first in a two part Fritjof Capra interview, water photographer Susan Derges, and avant land performance artists Red Earth.

In the Inner Space luminosities features include Brian Eno's ambient videowork, Dieter Jung and his 'public-private space' holography and the Fibreoptic technolace of Helena Hietanen. And Music and Place and Cyberspace explore the Future Sound of London's ISDN concerts; Tuvan throat-singers, Yat-Kha and ECM's Earthjazz.

Plus the return of the Caledonian Forests and throwing the I Ching in Virtual space, the future of the hand, and Siberian footware!
Full Contents

Margins of Music (Music and Place and Cyberspace)
Future Sound of London – Between Silence and the Sound of the Hyperglade   
Tuvan river punk - Yat-Kha
ECM's EarthJazz by David Rothenberg
Architexts – Inner Space Luminosities
Helena Hietanen's fibre-optic technolace: Angel hairs in the ambient   
Brian Eno  Ambient lightworks
Sculpting the luminous- the radical holography of Dieter Jung
Clay and Computers, Katie Bunnell's Re: Presenting Making CD Rom
Making traditional Portuguese toys by Simon Watts

Complete article available
Lovely recipe's Curry Pancake

Complete article available
Polite gardening Permaculture hints by Patrick Whitefield

Complete article available  
Dream Of Consciousness (DOC)
Red Earth - Interfacing Spirit World's - Avant-Eco art performance
Ghosts in the Brain of the Machine - The Consciousness Reframed Conferences
Beyond Ecotopia, a conversation with Fritjof Capra, part 1 by Sara Boas
DOC/Framework - Art
Susan Derges - The Dream-Life Of Water
The I Ching in Cyberspace! - The Multimedia I Ching - review by Malcolm Learmonth  
Siberian cultures of clothing - Spirit of Siberia by Rick Riewe and Jill Oakes
Placing the hand at the heart of our evolutionary make-up - The Hand by Frank Wilson and Abstracting Craft: the digital practiced hand by Malcolm McCullogh