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You’re likely someone who’s been interested and supportive of independent cultural review, Fourth Door Review’s overall mission and approach.

And you may well know that FDR has always been a ‘labour of love’ shoestring operation, in available time and with no personal remuneration or, for that matter, support by external public grants or private funding. Each edition has involved committing personal funds to keep FDR alive.

This makes for a very different kind of review. If you, like myself, believe that the overall quality, originality and relevance of FDR makes it important to maintain its unique voice in the current arts, architecture, design and crafts landscape do support this campaign appeal.

Although things may have looked pretty quiet from outside, I’ve been working to overhaul, re-launch and put FDR on a much stronger, long-term footing.
Alongside the next edition, FDR10 is nearly complete material-wise and two further subsequent editions are well-developed. Fourth Door Research is also, finally again, beginning to bear real fruit.

With FDR9 – finally - ready this is the moment to ask the many supportive you’s who’ve understood the rhyme and reason of Fourth Door Review, to support this appeal campaign to ensure Fourth Door’s long term and continued independent future, so that it may continue to bring an individual voice and perspective to many current cultural conversations.

Oliver Lowenstein
Support Fourth Door Review after our latest wilderness years. To find out why it's been so quiet read our Notes on a review, interrupted

How – Yes, of course, it’s about money. It’s also about a different voice in the cultural scene though.

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For FDR’s 100 x 100 subscriptions campaign we’re aiming at one hundred new subscriptions in one hundred days.

Be part of this! Sign up for our Tapestry Graffiti Published and Be Darned installation (if you want to) when you subscribe.

And remember, there’s a simple rationale; a tipping point of subscriptions ensures longer term funding.

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