Wordwatch are Fourth Door Review’s book reviews pages. We highlight the original, the lesser known, the singular and the unexpected. Reviews are in-depth and engaged, with variations on length, from long, to less long and even less long.

Reread is FDR’s invitation to renew acquaintanceship with an older, long-time published book, seen through a fresh eyes, and is found as part of Wordwatch in most editions.

You’ll also find occasional features on small publications and magazine’s in the Middleground (links) and Makeshift sections.
Folk Chronicles - Brian Hinton reviews Rob Young's Electric Eden and Jeanette Leach's Season's they Change
The fibre, felt and other weak materials Art revolution - String, Felt, Thread by Eliza Auther – reviewed by Lesley Millar
Cultures of the Copy- In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon
A Final Phase Transition? - Dark Ages America, By Morris Berman - review by Tom Zengotita
Nanoculture and the Imagination - Nanoculture edited by N Katherine Hayles, The Diamond Age by Neil Stephenson, Prey, Michael Crichton, The Nanotech Quartet, by Kathleen Goonan
Reread – Lewis Hyde's well-known defence of Creativity revisitedThe Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property by Lewis Hyde - reviewed by Heidi Watts
Art, consciousness and the deep past - The Mind in the Cave by David Williams – reviewed by Julian Bell
Medicine tree from the Tropics - The Miraculous Fever Tree by Fiametta Rocco – reviewed by Renee Lertzmann
Water and music synergies - Water Music Marjorie Ryerson's photography
Two tomes on Seventies Avant cultures and their contrasts - Earthworks by Suzaan Boettger and Avant Rock by Bill Martin
Creatures of the slow lane- Oliver Rathmill on Tortoise by Peter Young
Heroes of reconciliation - Armless Heroes - reviewed by Heidi Watts
Reread – Re-evaluating Morris Berman's cultural evolution trilogy - Wandering God, Coming to Our Senses and The Re-Enchantment of the World   
Same as the old boss? - East of Eden: New Age Capitalism by Kimberley Lau
Paradigm Man - Jerome Ravetz on Thomas Kuhn, the man who invented paradigm thinking Thomas Kuhn: A Philosophical History For Our Times, by Steve Fuller and The Road Since Structure by Thomas Kuhn
The I Ching in Cyberspace! - The Multimedia I Ching - review by Malcolm Learmonth  
Siberian cultures of clothing - Spirit of Siberia by Rick Riewe and Jill Oakes
Placing the hand at the heart of our evolutionary make-up - The Hand by Frank Wilson and Abstracting Craft: the digital practiced hand by Malcolm McCullogh
Essays reconciling ecology and post modernism - Reinventing Nature Edited by Michael Soules - reviewed by Michael Zimmerman
On the anthropology of time - Carol J Greenhouse's A Moments Notice: On the Anthropology of Time
Reread - In the Shade of the Speaking Tree the leading Indianologist Richard Lannoy, reassesses his 1973 The Speaking Tree.
Ethnic and world clothing - World Dress by Frances Kennett.
20th century Art as a Shaman's story - Dreaming With Open Eyes by Michael Tucker