Issue No. 8

Publiished 2009

Fourth Door Review cover

The Hall of Risk Issue

Chris Drury: Places of absolute nothingness and other deserts
Susan Collins: In conversation with Sean Cubitt
Samadhi soundwave - David Sylvian and Harold Budd
Vorarlberg and Graubünden - the Alpine sources of a new regionalism
Hiding out under grey mountain: Peter Zumthor, Valerio Olgiati, Bearth Deplazes and Jurg Conzett
Vorarlberg’s avant eco building scene: Dietmar Eberle, Hermann Kaufmann, Marte.Marte
Watching the river run wild: Jay Griffiths on time and water
Jay Merrick maxxes out on the minimal thing
Juhani Pallasmaa's manifesto for tactility
Horses coming in from all directions; Mongolia’s Roaring Hooves Festival
Fourth Door Review 8 features a series of in-depth interviews - with artists, Chris Drury and Jem Finer; with musicians David Sylvian and Harold Budd, and in architecture, with Peter Zumthor and Juhani Pallasmaa

A Tale of Two Regions - This Fourth Door the special focus is on the Alpine regional architectural culture of Graubünden, Switzerland and Vorarlberg, Austria; featuring further interviews (from Graubünden), with Valerio Olgiati and Jurg Conzett and (from Vorarlberg) Dietmar Eberle, Hermann Kauffmann and  Marte.Marte,

Jay Merrick contributes a piece on architecture and the media, and ecstatic poet of the wild Jay Griffiths has written an essay on undulating water, and new media artist Susan Collins and Sean Cubitt engage In Conversation.
Full Contents

Framework – Art
Chris Drury Complexity and the edge of land art: Drury's art & science turn

A Fourth Door land art feature
Jem Finer An orchestra of the elements Score', 'Longplayer' and other digital-earth time pieces
Susan Collins In Conversation with 'Sean Cubitt: Fenlandia and other pixel landscapes
Digitalis – New Media
Gantenbein Winery Gramazio & Kohler mixes viniculture and robotics

Also on Unstructured 4
Split Scan Scenario's Egbert Mittelstadt's dream-like digital ambient films
theirwork Dominica Williamson and Emmett Connelly writing on their community digital mapping turned guerrilla action
Also on Unstructured 4
Architecture - A tale of two Architectural regions – Graubünden & Vorarlberg
A tale of two regions - Introduction

Jürg Conzett's - bridges of thin air
Graubünden's new generation
Graubünden's new generation Corinna Menn, IseppiKurath and Collective ARGE Sursass

Concrete, colour and craft - – the case of Valerio Olgiati
Alpine regionalism
A river runs regionally - Graubünden and Vorarlberg's Alpine regionalism explored
Marte.Marte at the head of Vorarlberg's new generation by Otto Kapfinger

Kaufmann Country
Kaufmann Country - Vorarlberg's timber dynasty
New generation housing
New generation housing - Christoph Kalb Frohlingstrasse by Robert Fabach
Passivhaus's active Vorarlberg origins
Bernhard Wulff on the Mongolian steppe Roaring Hooves Festival

0's and 1's - Matt Lumby's Binary Books
Jay Griffiths writing on time and the river
Wood Studio
Wood Studio - Helsinki's Cool Wood School by Pekka Heikkinen             

A Blue to Dye for - Indigo clothing and textiles exhibition
Steppe – A magazine dedicated to the near-east Stan countries
Kate Dodd's lovely recipe - Carrot Soup with North African spices
Dreams Of Consciousness – DOC – Conscious/Mind
Juhani Pallasmaa interview – the dream life of tactility
Architecture, celebrity and the media
Maxed out on the minimum thing – Architecture, celebrity and the media by Jay Merrick
Margins of Music – Music/Sound
David Sylvian – the chemistry of affect and devotion

The Mohave desert music of ambient minimalist Harold Budd
Wordwatch – Book Reviews
A Final Phase Transition? - Dark Ages America, By Morris Berman - review by Tom Zengotita
Nanoculture and the Imagination - Nanoculture edited by N Katherine Hayles, The Diamond Age by Neil Stephenson, Prey, Michael Crichton, The Nanotech Quartet, by Kathleen Goonan
Reread – Lewis Hyde's well-known defence of Creativity revisitedThe Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property by Lewis Hyde - reviewed by Heidi Watts