Number 9 - The Sūnyata Seeds edition

Highlights include

An in-depth 80 plus page overview of the emerging humanitarian architecture and post disaster community Francis Kere, Architecture for Humanity, Anna Heringer, TYIN, Peter Clegg on the Richard Feilden Foundation, Auroville's new schools, Shelter after Disaster, the Aga Khan Foundation, CENDEP and much else as well.

In-depth David Nash interview feature, and special Margins of Music on Joe Boyd's folk Witchseason label heyday musician's featuring Richard Thompson by Julian Bell, Vashti Bunyon, Joe Boyd and Fairport Convention's Liege & Lief

New EastWest themed section with Shigeru Ban, Phnom Penh's electronic music scene, Nepali nettle clothing and culture and the silk trail roots of the Jacquard loom

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Fourth Door Review 9 - Full contents

Framework - Art

David Nash – On speaking the language of the trees - David Nash interview feature piece

+ Tremenheere: Atlantic Edge Garden – by Neil Armstrong

Sandra Kantanen – the Finnish photographer turning nature into a new kind of blur


Margins of Music – Music/Sound

New Folk for old: A special themed section

Richard Thompson – Folk rock’s old master returns by Julian Bell

Joe Boyd: Witchseason, the Fairports and world music by Oliver Lowenstein

Vashti Bunyan: by Jeanette Leach

Liege & Lief – Fairport Conventions folk rock classic revisited by Oliver Lowenstein



On the trail of the European Silk Route - Sweden and France by Oliver Lowenstein


Japanese architecture, craft & design – A mini-themed section.

Making Architecture through making books: T-SA architect’s Craft in Context architectural school by Takero Shimazaki

The emergence of textile design and art in Japan, by Toshimichi Kuwayama

The Incidental’s mixed media Cambodian collaboration - by David Gunn



Architecture without borders: Humanitarian Architecture and its consequences

- A special themed section

Shigeru Ban (part 1 of an in-depth interview covering Japanese architecture, origins, focus on 'weak' materials and work on emergency architecture

Francis Kere – Burkina Faso and the future of African architecture

Anna Heringer, - Sustaining Beauty - The Rudriphur METI hand-made school 

The Spirit of Meti - How The Hand-Made school has inspired Bangladeshi architects, by Rabeya Rahman

Meti 2.0 The Pakistan, by Ziegert|Roswag|Seiler  Architekten Ingenieure

Post-Tsunami school building on the Indian coast, Auroville, Pondicherry - by Suhasini Ayer-Guigan

Richard Feilden Foundation work in Africa by FCB Studio’s Peter Clegg

David Sanderson on the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) Oxford, Brookes

TYIN tegnestue on work in Thailand, Haiti and Sumatra

Jenni Reuter from HollmenReuterSandmen

Digitalis - New Media

Belgium’s FOAM Gro-World Mediaworks


Dream of Consciousness

David Abrams - Excerpt from Abrams recent Becoming Animal

Wordwatch - Book reviews

Electric Eden by Rob Young and Seasons they Change by Jeanette Leech reviewed by Brian Hinton

String, Felt, Thread - by Elissa Auther reviewed by Lesley Millar

In Praise of Copying by Marcus Boon reviewed by Oliver Lowenstein