Issue No. 5

Publiished 2001

Fourth Door Review cover

The Earth Movies Issue

Winner of the Utne Reader 2002 New paradigm/New culture Independent press award

Below the pole: Biosphere, Tromso and the transmission of place, plus AK Dolven on Artscape Nordland
Pierre Levy – in interlog with Paul Ryan
OneTree – Natalie Jerimenjenko's GM free cyber-installation
Lightness: dream metaphors, Doors of Perception and Indian elephant paper
Fred Baier – cut from the grain of CAD-CAM
Gridshelter, Biome and Beehive architecture
Leading edge cycler-philosopher Pierre Levy, new media-GM artist Natalie Jerimenjenko’s One Tree Planet, and ardent Info-Eco design advocate John Thackera and the Doors of Perception have all conspired to push Fourth Door Review 5’s electronic  envelope this time round.

Up in the Arctic circle we check out how Biosphere and the Tromso Ambient scene are creating their own local electronica scene, and how A K Dolven and fellow artists are turning 40 000 sq kilometres into the world’s most northerly sculpture trail: Artscape Nordland.

Plus Fred Baier’s Impossible Furniture, and Japanese textile maker-designers in Textural Surface, Adriann Beukers, and part II of the Fritjoff Capra interview feature
Full Contents

Pierre Levy Cyber anthropologist in dialogue with Paul Ryan
Natalie Jerimijenko One Tree Planet: An electronic biological Climate Change sensor experiment
Of Programmatalogy John Cayley's algorithmic haiku – interviewed by John Welch
Anne Karin Rynander's Oslo Airport Sound-Showers

A Fourth Door Sound Design feature
Margins of Music – Twenty-first century Norwegian music worlds
Biosphere and the Tromso white-out electronica scene   
Rune Grammofon and Supersilent - by David Rothenberg
Rune Kristoffersen
30 minutes with Rune Kristoffersen
The Beehive Metaphor – Beehive structures in architecture past and present
Gridshelter – the Weald & Downland gridshell by Nic Pople
Architexts/Middleground – Lightness & industry
Adriaan Beukers the promise of Lightness in design
John Thackera and the Doors of Perception design conferences
Khadi papers founder Nigel Macfarlane on the Sussex/Rajasthan Gandhian paper
The Space of TexturesLesley Millar on the cross-cultural exhibition Textural Space, exploring Japanese and British fibre-art
Impossible furniture - Fred Baier in conversation with Chris Rose
A Kitchen Ritual Miche Fabre Lewin Lovely recipe's part IV
Artscape Nordland  Another Side of North The Nordic high north's 40, 000 white square km sculpture trail
Dream Of Consciousness (DOC)
Fritjof Capra part 2 Continuing the conversation interview with Sarah Boas
Reread – Re-evaluating Morris Berman's cultural evolution trilogy - Wandering God, Coming to Our Senses and The Re-Enchantment of the World   
Same as the old boss? - East of Eden: New Age Capitalism by Kimberley Lau
Paradigm Man - Jerome Ravetz on Thomas Kuhn, the man who invented paradigm thinking Thomas Kuhn: A Philosophical History For Our Times, by Steve Fuller and The Road Since Structure by Thomas Kuhn