Piiri Modular House

Piiri's progress

Each year the Wood Program completes a live design & make project, based on one student's entry to a competition in the autumn semester. Design work begins at the start of the second term in January and construction is completed by the end of May. This year student Thea Tanggaard's design was chosen as the basis for the Piiri Modular House. Click through the photo diary here to follow the project's progress from inception to completion.

Piiri Modular Living System

The Piiri house is designed as a modular system which can be expanded incrementally depending on location and use. The circular plan is divided by a radial grid that defines the dimension for all spatial units. The smallest configuration of the system includes only two units, one with a bathroom/kitchen and the other with space for sleeping. By adding additional units, space for sleeping, storage, guests and even a sauna can be included.

Piiri demonstrates an understanding of construction efficiency through systems based thinking and an overall minimization of space. The ambition of the project to minimize both building footprint and interior space puts high demands on the detailed design. With less than 12sqm of living space, the integration of lighting, storage and kitchen utilities into the surfaces of the interior provide a means of unifying the space to make it both comfortable and minimal.