Earthbound and Airborne

Sevran’s ground breaking Cycle Terre earth materials factory

With so many more spooked by the climate, Unstructured 11 explores a gamut of built environment solutions, spanning London, Paris, and Glasgow.

In the Paris Banlieue of Sevran, we visit Cycle Terre, the country’s first earth materials production facility, in London’s leafy South-west Kingston suburb, Unstructured reports on ground-breaking cycling infrastructure, the Go Cycle project, while this edition’s Unstructured extra casts a lens on humble straw and the revolution being ushered in by this Bio base material.

Climate, carbon, and the challenges ahead for the ‘40% Sector’ is at the heart of an in-depth reprise of Glasgow’s mega COP 26 jamboree, while Invisible Dust’s sci-art UnNatural History exhibition is overviewed, along with an interview with founder Alice Sharp. There are further Scottish pieces featuring the Burrell Collection’s re-opening and the Highlands’ ‘wow’ timber showcase, RSH-P’s Macallan Distillery, as part of the new Annular nu section, beside a bevy of new woody features.

Unstructured extra - Coming soon

French Revolution: Straw takes the Banlieues

Evolving the Bio base: Straw revolution in the Banlieues

This Unstructured extra dives deep into the revolutions being brought on by a gathering uptake of that most humble of Bio based materials, straw. The edition highlights a series of radical initiatives in Paris, including two super-inspiring urban farms, Ferme de Rail and Ferme de Possibles, the revolution underway in the Rosny sous-bois municipality, and an eight storey straw insulated housing block renovation.

Not to be too out-and-out Francophile, British straw projects include the UK’s first straw bale building - Hastings Bale House, and the untold story of Modcell, and further features.

Plus Ferme du Rail through the lens, a photo essay, and Further Straw, the latest addition to Fourth Door’s in-depth and in-detail Further information portal.

New nature Reinventing the earth factory: Sevran’s Cycle-Terre
Green light for Go Cycle: Sarah Wigglesworth in Kingston
Spectrum of Urgency: COP26 eighteen months on
Glasgow’s Burrell Collection born anew
Super-Horizontal – RSH+P’s Macallan underground whisky distillery
Invisible Dust’s science, technology, and climate show - UnNatural History
Alice Sharp, Invisible Dust’s founder profiled
Through the lens - Ferme du Rail photo essay – part of Unstructured extra Straw
Under the spotlight: Anthony Thistleton reviews two recent books on CLT
Research - Rawlam from the North – Copenhagen’s CITA Robotics research

New Evolving the Bio base evening talks and Heart, Hearth & Housing symposium, June 2023

21st Century Pre-Modern: Molfsee museum’s 100 Year Haus
nu - Annular new edition

nu - New Annular features

Check out new timber features in Annular nu, Fourth Door’s wood and timber culture’s websites new stories pages.

Features include Molfsee open-air museum’s 100 Year Haus, two perspectives on RSH-P’s Macallan Distillery Centre in the Highlands, a review of Ruth Maclennon’s Treeline video installation at London’s Whitechapel Gallery, and Forest Therapy from Umeå University.

There’s RawLam research from Copenhagen’s CITA robotics lab, and Waugh Thistleton’s Anthony Thistleton on two recent CLT books.