Finland - Fourth Door Review and related articles by Oliver Lowenstein

This is an archive of Finnish timber and related architectural and building pieces with links and précis

Fourth Door Review

Fourth Door Review 6A Timberbuild Renaissance for Europe – This in-depth feature looked at how the Nordic countries (including Finland) long timber experience and knowhow in timber architecture and massive forest reserves could make real inroads into Europe’s combined building sector energy and carbon emissions.

Fourth Door Review 7 – Helsinki’s cool wood school. Director Pekka Heikkenen outlines the Wood Program – pdf here


In Finland Eco-Villages Grow Up A two part piece on Viikki eco-district on the outskirts of Helsinki, and the larger nationwide Wood Town program

Annular: Timberbuild for the 21st Century

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Annular is Fourth Door’s wood culture word-press on-line magazine and timber portal.

The following Finnish timber pieces are in the Annular Archive section

Joensuu’s METLA Forest Research Centre METLA is Finland’s Forest Research organisation. After a competition won by Helsinki based SARC architects the new headquarters, the largest timber office building too date, opened in 2004, in the country’s far-east city of Joensuu as the forestry organisation new primary research base

Finland, laboratory to a new timber-build future? This piece, written in part as travelogue diary of a first 2002 visit, explores the background to Finnish wood culture, and the idea of a how the Nordic forests could provide the basis of a pan-European timberbuild culture

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Inspiring Futures: European Timber for the 21st Century. Catalogue publication for the 2007 Inspiring Futures exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World with This Once and Future Material: Europe’s emerging 21st century Timber Architecture Culture essay and twelve most inspiring projects. Includes discussion of Finnish timber culture and exemplar projects

Uncertain Futures: Feature in the Finnish Architectural Review, 6.2012. Download pdf here.