Fourth Door Further

Fourth Door and other related pieces by Oliver Lowenstein on Vorarlberg, Graubünden, earthen architecture and construction

For other Fourth Door related material architectural see FD’s Architecture page

On Earthen architecture by Martin Rauch’s colleagues and collaborators

FDR9’s Ground Up Architecture themed section includes in-depth interview features with Anna Heringer, Francis Kere and a contributory essay by Anna

Francis Kere in depth  - Burden of Dreams

Anna Heringer on Sustaining Beauty

Anna Heringer - in-depth interview – Journey to the East

ZiegertRoswag’s METI 2.0 school project, Pakistan

FDR8 includes a special themed section on the Graubünden and Vorarlberg architectural scenes – A Tale of two regions

On Vorarlberg – FDR8 features –  

Hermann Kaufmann


and Vorarlberg’s leading Passivhaus scene

Unstructured 4 - the new Vorarlberg generation: What Vorarlberg did next

Other Vorarlberg features -

Bus:Stop project in Krumbach, Bregenzerwald – Blueprint, 2016 (pdf - 8MB)

Overview of new timber architecture from VorarlbergEcoTech (2012) (pdf -14MB)

Timber hi-rise feature including Hermann Kaufmann - Blueprint  (2012)

On Graubünden  FDR8 features –

An in-depth interview with Peter Zumthor:

The Enigma of Peter Zumthor

Graubünden’s New Generation – Generation Grey Zone

Jurg Conzett - Bridges of Thin Air

Valerio Olgiati - In the Presence of Craft, Colour and Concrete

Other Graubünden features –

Graubünden’s new generation of Alpine architects come of age, Blueprint (2014) (pdf - 7MB)

Two pieces on Graubünden’s Alpine Water Way path, which includes a series of Jurg Conzett bridges

Graubünden's walking trail of epic scenery and enduring art - The Guardian (2013)

Seven Bridges by Jurg ConzettArchitecture Today (2013) (pdf - 14MB)