Rewilding the Structural, Reweaving the Sculptural

With 2012 the tenth anniversary of the two Sussex timber gridshells, this Unstructured Extra feature weaves together the connections threading through gridshells into land art related sculptural structures and the woven forms created by contemporary basket-makers and basketry artists.

Rewilding the Structural, Reweaving the Sculptural accompanies the summer Cluster exhibition at Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

Read the Lighting out Cluster's back country highlighting the connections

Primary themes

Ten Years On: the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum and Flimwell Woodland Centre Gridshells and other related architecture and building culture

Performing the Downland - the natural structures of Red Earth, Walter Bailey and Chris Drury – and related features

In the realm of the woven sculpture - Annemarie O'Sullivan and the craft dimension of Fabrica's Cluster exhibition


Plus – Further - In-Depth research and archive resource
Gridshelter Stories 01

Another Story: The Downland gridshell ten years on - by Steve Johnson

After Weald & Downland: Cullinan's timber path
Ten years on in photos: Weald & Downland gridshell – photo-essay by Katherine Rose
The sweetest timber: David Saunders on how Cluster's timber materials originated
Further - Gridshell and related architecture links (coming soon)
Research and Archive resource

Further – A Research & Archive Resource With archive pieces, links and resources on related timber architecture, land art, and basket-making crafts.

Chestnut and Oak: Gridshell pieces from Fourth Doors Archives (coming soon)
Red Earth
Performing the land: Walter Bailey's Absolute Zero and Red Earth's Alum Halus – Archive
Chris Drury
Cooltide for Empty Vessels: Chris Drury interview from FDR2/3 download pdf here
Land Art and Fourth Door Review
Further - Land Art and Fourth Door Review (coming soon)
        Studio Weave

Walter Bailey
Weaving and carving: Walter Bailey's sculptures, by Kay Syrad
art out of basketry
New beginnings: Cluster's Annemarie O' Sullivan on making art out of basketry
Red Earth
Downland ritual: Red Earth's CHALK by Rand Harmon
Dougherty - Big Willow
Lighting out Cluster's back country: Making the connections between gridshells, land art and basketry.
Weaving the land: Red Earth's woven structures - Simon Pascoe & Caitlin Easterby

This Rewilding the Structural, Reweaving the Sculptural Unstructured originated as part of proposals initially developed by Fourth Door for a series of gridshell anniversary related events, including an exhibition making the connections between shells and scales, (from relatively large to very small) to the cultures of basket-making and interweaves threading between all of these.


Simon Pascoe and Caitlin Easterby are directors of Red Earth, the land performance artists group

Steve Johnson runsThe Architecture Ensemble practice and is a timber architecture specialist

Rand Harmon, M.F.A.  Instructor and doctoral student in theatre studies at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Founder and Artistic Director of Specific Gravity Ensemble a site-based theatre company based in Boulder, CO and Louisville, KY, USA

Tamara Mazurenko, who designed this Unstructured edition, is a web-designer and artist. The web-design took place in Mousehole, Cornwall

Katherine Rose is a photographer (, currently working at The Observer

David Saunders  was until recently director of the Flimwell Woodland Enterprise Centre. He is currently teaching at Plumpton College

Kay Syrad is an essayist, novelist and poet

Other articles are by Oliver Lowenstein from Fourth Door